• How to Keep Your MSport Wheel in New Condition

    Don’t let your steering wheel turn shiny and hard, keep the leather looking clean and feeling supple.

    When I took delivery of my first car with an MSport steering wheel, I immediately thought to myself two things; First, that is the best steering wheel I had ever felt in a car, supple and comfortable with just the right amount of thickness. Second, I knew that stopping this wheel from turning into a […]

  • CarPro DLUX: Product Review and Application Guide

    Taking a looking at one of CarPro’s many long standing CQuartz branded coatings, from prep, to application, to performance.

    When it comes to ceramic coatings, no one brand makes the best products for every part of your car. If you truly want to have the very best all around, you’ll be looking at different products for your wheels, paint, and glass.   Today, we’re looking at a coating made for wheels and plastics. DLUX, […]

  • From Order to Delivery, My Hera Mica Blue M3

    Following the process of ordering an Individual BMW, from picking a color, to getting an allocation, following the vehicle, and taking delivery after a 6 month wait.

    Ordering a new car from BMW is an exciting process, but the road from order to delivery isn’t always going to be smooth.   For me, this process started back in November of 2017 when a friend of mine became the GM of a local BMW dealership. We made a deal to take my previous […]

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